Life is Shorts… Be Your Passion


What does it mean to be a part of the Remington Reynolds community? 

Remington Reynolds is more than just a premium men’s active apparel brand – we are a passionate community of like-minded entrepreneurs and executives seeking to enjoy life as much as possible. As a business person, it can be difficult to build meaningful relationships that expand beyond your company or industry. The community created at Remington Reynolds not only puts you in direct contact with similar individuals but facilitates genuine connections between members via our various networking and live events. All of these fantastic benefits are included in your Founders Club subscription – in addition to access to a diversified selection of limited apparel customized for your quarterly apparel package!

Premium Apparel

As a member of Remington Reynolds, you will be given access to a diverse selection of limited clothing items in our quarterly apparel package. However, that does not mean that you will receive the exact item as every other subscriber to the Remington Reynolds community. We tailor each member’s package to reflect their personal preference, so you are always delighted with our premium athletic apparel. Through your Remington Reynolds membership, you’ll receive access to various items of clothing, including but not limited to polos, performance t-shirts, and much more! For more information regarding clothing options, please review our membership details.


Epic Events

The best part of being in a community of like-minded individuals who actively pursue our life’s passions and seek to live our best lives? The sense of adventure that comes with it! As one of Remington Reynolds community members, you’ll have the opportunity to attend several Founders Club Events throughout the year. At these events you will get a chance to listen to Remignton Reynolds brand ambassadors talk about how to live your best life. This extends from the office to home, and will include strategies for growing your business and achieving the best life you want to live. All Founders Club events allow you to explore new passions as well as participate in our traditional golf and tennis activities. You are sure to have the time of your life – and look great doing it in your premium men’s active apparel from Remington Reynolds!

Business Networking

Intertwined with our epic events, Remington Reynolds members are given the unique opportunity to network with other community members at our various soirees throughout the year. These exclusive networking events are an essential aspect of our community; we know the difficulties that accompany running your own successful business and want to assist you in connecting with other people of import who share the same rambunctious spirit. Visit our photo gallery to see some snapshots from roaring events in the last few years!

Is Remington Reynolds Right for Me?

Do you appreciate carefully curated apparel, traveling, golf or tennis, and networking? If so, then we think you would fit perfectly into the fold! We are always ecstatic to welcome a new member to the Remington Reynolds community. With your subscription, you’ll receive additional benefits depending on the level of membership you elect to participate. Get started today by choosing the right membership for you. Remember: Life is shorts. Be your passion. ® Welcome to Remington Reynolds – we’ll see you on the front nine!


Become a Member

Register for Membership Online. We want to know about your style preferences, sizing, and most importantly what you are passionate about. This information will help us curate perfect-looking apparel and targeted content that will help you look great and live your best life. 

Get Your Quarterly Drop

Four times a year you will get a Quarterly Drop of inspiration that will include a Limited Edition Polo, 2 Accessories, and the Aces & Shots Magazine. If you are unhappy with any of the products, no problem, just ship them back to us within ten business days of delivery, at no additional charge.  

Aces & Shots Magazine 

Aces and Shots is our Member Magazine, written and inspired by our Members and Influencers. Besides fashion and events, our content also includes content on entrepreneurship, investing, mental & personal health, art, golf, tennis, and travel.

Get Access to Exclusive Member Events

As a member of our community, you will gain access to both live and virtual events held throughout the year. These events are hosted at some of the most exclusive resorts and travel destinations around the world and offer unique activities, business/life development, and networking.


Choose the Membership that’s right for you



$125 / Quarter

Quarterly Apparel Drop that includes
1 Limited Edition Polo Shirt
& 2 Accessories

Aces & Shots Magazine Quarterly

Priority Access to Limited Edition Collections

15% OFF All Apparel

Access to Aces Level Events

Free Shipping & Returns

Auto-Renew / Cancel Anytime



$5000 / Year

Quarterly Apparel Drop that included
1 Limited Edition Polo Shirt
& 2 Accessories

(1) Complimentary Aces Club Trip a Year

Listed in the Aces Club Directory

Aces & Shots Magazine Quarterly

Priority Access to Limited Edition Collections

20% OFF All Apparel

Access to Aces Club Events

Access to 50 Club Events

Free Shipping & Returns



$10,000 / Year

By Application & Interview

Quarterly Apparel Drop that includes
3 Limited Edition Polo Shirts
& 4 Accessories

(1) Complimentary 50 Club Trip a Year

Listed on the 50 Club Directory

Aces & Shots Magazine Quarterly

Priority Access to Limited Edition Collections

25% OFF All Apparel

30% OFF All Aces Club Events

Free Shipping & Returns

Which Membership should you choose?


What’s in the Quarterly Drop?

The Quarterly Drop is a  collection of the newest apparel from Remington Reynolds and is predetermined based on your results from the Style Preference Quiz. All apparel is limited edition and members receive first dibs before its made available to the public.

How often do you send Drops?

We release new Drops quarterly throughout the year. In terms of months, that is every March, June, September, and December until/if you cancel your membership.

Can I skip my Drop delivery?

We currently do not offer an option to skip your quarterly delivery, but if you do not like any of the items in your box, within 7 days you can return your product and get a credit for a future drop.

When am I charged?

Once you have signed up for a membership, you will be charged on the 10th of every quarter month, so March 10th, June 10th, September 10th and December 10th. This payment schedule will continue until/if you cancel your subscription.


What if I don’t like my Drop

If you don’t like your quarterly drop, no problem, within 7 days you can return your product and get a credit for a future drop.

How do I cancel my Membership?

Social Members can cancel at any time. To cancel your membership before you are billed for your next quarter or year, the cancellation must be processed at least one business day before your next billing date. To cancel, please email us at 

Aces and 50 Club Membership can’t be canceled until the annual renew date.

Questions? We’re here to help.


Call us at (678) 478-6649 or schedule a call.