Join us for some competitive golf, tennis, business networking, and relaxation. The handicap format gives everyone a chance to win a trip to Necker Cup 2021!

Remington Reynolds Golf & Tennis Challenge

 What you need to know

  • The Remington Reynolds Golf & Tennis Challenge is a season-long, individual points competition which culminates with the Remington Reynolds Playoffs to be held October 23 & 24 at the Ritz Lake Oconee, GA.  The handicap format gives everyone a chance to win! 
  • Players vie to become the Remington Reynolds Golf or Tennis Playoff Champion, which distinguishes the one player who not only performs well during the Regular Season but also excels through the pressure of the Remington Reynolds Playoffs. Ultimate winners of the Golf and Tennis Playoffs win an invitation to attend the 2021 Necker Cup as my personal guest.
  • Any winner of a one-day golf or tennis tournament are invited to compete in the Remington Reynolds Playoffs
  • Series Points are earned during the tournaments.  Challenge Points are earned at the supplemental, drop-in challenges.
  • Overall Points Winner of both the Longboat Key, Kiawah Island and Truist Open will receive complimentary weekend packages to the Series Playoffs. (Includes both Series Points and Challenge Points)
  • The top 16 players in both Golf and Tennis Series Points at the completion of the Kiawah Island Challenge are invited to compete in the Remington Reynolds Playoffs.  If an eligible player declines the invitation, the next player in the ranking will receive the invitation to compete. (Does not include Challenge Points)

Regular season

  • The 2021 Regular Season features 3 official events beginning with the 2021 Longboat Key Challenge and running through the 2021 Truist Open and culminating with the 2021 Kiawah Island Challenge. Players earn Series Points based on their finish at each one-day tournament. Each Regular Series event has Saturday and Sunday golf tournaments and a weekend-long tennis tournament. 
  • Series Points are awarded based on the following tournament finishes. For ties, full points will be awarded to each player. For example, if two players tie for 2nd, they will each earn 200 Series Points. Series & Challenge Points can be converted to Rewards Points and spent at the Remington Reynolds online store. However, in the event of ties, points are converted to Rewards Points based on dividing total points by the number of people tied for position. For example, if two players tie for 2nd place, they each earn 200 Series Points but only 100 Rewards Points. 
1st 250
2nd 200
3rd 150
4th 100
5th 50
6th 25

Playoffs at Ritz Lake Oconee

  • At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 16 players in Series Points standings for both golf and tennis, who accept their invitations, will be eligible to play in the Series Playoffs.  (Does not include Challenge Points) 
  • The Series Playoffs will be held Saturday, October 23, and Sunday, October 24 at the Ritz Lake Oconee, GA.
  • Playoff Players are responsible for their own travel and accommodations to the event. 
  • The Overall Series & Challenge Point winner for each 2-day event will receive a complimentary travel package to compete in the Playoffs which include hotel and greens fees. F&B and transportation to the event not included. 
  • Format for the Golf Finals shall be an individual handicapped 36 hole best ball over two days.  In the event of a tie in golf,  Challenge Points from golf challenges over the playoff weekend tournament will be included. 
  • All certified handicaps must be approved by the rules committee. 
  • Format for Tennis Finals shall be handicapped scoring format based on NTRP Rating. 
  • Overall winners from both the golf and tennis playoff will earn a trip to attend the 2021 Necker Cup, subject to the following rules and conditions.

Prizes… win your way to the Necker Cup

  • Winners of the golf and tennis playoffs will earn a spot on Remington Reynolds’ private catamaran and attend the 2021 Necker Cup.
  • Winners are required to get their own flights and ground transportation to Virgin Gorda North Sound dock in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Winners who have significant others (spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend) can bring them to the event for an additional at cost rate subject to availability and approval from tournament organizers.
  • In the event that restrictions are placed on the 2021 Necker Cup by either Virgin Limited or the BVI Government due to COVID 19 restrictions or for any other reason, Remington Reynolds reserves the right to extend the Prize to the 2022 Necker Cup event dates.

Regular Season Golf Format

SATURDAY FORMAT – 2 Person Best Ball

  • “2-Person Best Ball” is a handicapped golf format for teams comprised of two golfers.
  • Those two golfers play their own golf balls throughout and the lower net score (handicap adjusted) for the team will be posted per hole.
  • Golfers get 75% of their course handicap.
  • A team can score no higher than a net double bogey.


SUNDAY FORMAT – 2 Person Scramble

  • Each golfer on the team hits a drive.
  • The results of the drives are compared. Which one is best? That ball is selected and marked, and the other golfers on the team pick up their golf balls and move them to that location.
  • The second strokes are played, and the process repeats: Select the best ball, move the other balls to that spot and play the third strokes.
  • And so on, until the ball is holed for one team score.
  • A team can score no higher than a net double bogey. 
  • Scramble Handicap will be calculated as follows:
    • First, both golfers on a team determine their course handicaps.
    • Then take 35-percent of Golfer A’s course handicap; and add it to 15-percent of Golfer B’s course handicap.
    • Where Golfer A is the lower-handicapped player on the team and Golfer B the higher-handicapped.
    • Let’s do an example. Say Golfer A’s handicap is 8 and Golfer B’s is 21. Thirty-five percent of 8 is 2.8; 15 percent of 21 is 3.15. So add 2.8 and 3.15 to get 5.95, and this team’s scramble handicap is 6 (round up or down to the nearest whole number).
  • When moving golf balls to the spot of the selected shot, the other golfers on the team can play from within one-club length of the original spot. But that one-club length cannot be closer to the hole, and it can’t improve the lie of the original ball. That is, if the selected drive is in the first cut of rough, then the other members of the team cannot hit from the fairway even if the fairway is within one club-length. Likewise, you can’t move a ball onto the putting green when the selected ball is in the fringe.
  • Order of play on every stroke is usually at the sole discretion of each scramble team. Just because Golfer X hit first off the tee doesn’t mean Golfer X has to hit first on the second stroke, and so on. Likewise, your ball being selected as the best after a given stroke doesn’t mean you have to hit first (or last) on the next stroke. It’s up to the team to decide on order of play.

Playoff Golf Format


  • Format for the Golf Finals shall be an individual handicapped 36 hole best ball over two days. In the event of a tie, Challenge Points from the playoff weekend will be added to the total. 

Regular Season Tennis Format

  • Tennis will be a handicapped tournament open to men and women.
  • Each player will compete in an abridged set, first to win 4 games, no-add scoring. Each game begins with a handicapped score determined by the gap in NTRP rating. For example, if a 5.0 player competes against a 4.0 player, the 5.0 player will start the game down Love to 30. At 3-3 in games,  one player will spin the racket and the winner of the spin decides to serve or receive for a final game, and the winner of the final game wins the match.
  • When a man competes against a woman, the woman may elect to take an additional 15 point advantage. If the gap in the rating is more than 3 points, the stronger player will begin at a negative score, for example, 40 to minus 15.
  • Here is a chart for reference where a male 5.0 player plays against a weaker male player and also against a weaker female player:



5 4.5 0 15
5 4 0 30
5 3.5 0 40
5 3 -15 40
5 2.5 -30 40
A (Man) B (Woman) A B
5 4.5 0 30
5 4 0 40
5 3.5 -15 40
5 3 -30 40
5 2.5 -40 40
A (Woman) B (Man)
4.5 3.5 0 15

Playoff Tennis Format

  • The same format used in the Regular Season will be used in the Playoff Tennis Tournament.